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They were obviously worried in case she used the sprinkles to top herself.
After Kat informs him that Jean is all set to top herself, the ridiculously unpredictable Mr Moon suddenly confesses he sweettalked Loonytunes into handing him the cash.
Make every other single woman over 25 want to top herself.
Claire doesn't want to top herself, but she has been having a long think.
She made a simple cream skirt and top herself to wear on her original wedding day.
Joan Allen, who's been in the running for the Oscars, Emmys and SAG awards, says she doesn't give in to pressure to top herself at each show.
Diabetic Katy tried to top herself with a sugar overdose.
As well as bidding to reach the top herself, Griffiths is helping to find the stars of the future.
Almost exactly 20 years ago to the day, one of my classmates at Braidhurst High in Motherwell got hold of a bottle of anti-depressant pills and attempted to top herself.
Kate's already tried to top herself in the whirlpool bath after a few beers.
Every time it seems as if Huppert has reached the top of her game -- "The Pianist" and best actress kudos at Cannes were the most recent gauge of her versatility-- she manages to top herself.
The Bellshill singer/guitarist is ready to go to the top herself and has financed her debut single Tinseltown In The Rain, first recorded by Blue Nile.
Jodie is a good-time girl who is so cheerless, so wretched and so miserable that you fear she will one day top herself.
Last week, Mad Margaret - the manic depressive Mrs Mop who stalks as she stabs as she cleans - tried to top herself in Ramani's bathroom.
Surprisingly, depressed Jill managed not to top herself - despite having to spend the festive season in the company of relentlessly cheerful John.