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There's a model for lefties, and the bristle head is about three times larger than standard, making it almost impossible to miss a tooth surface.
This is thought to result from the complete cleavage of a single tooth bud.
The infection and the pus of the primary tooth can spread beyond its roots and damage the structure and eruption path of the developing underlying permanent teeth.
In males and a few females, that tooth grows into the remarkable tusk.
This structure suggests that the narwhal's tooth can sense things in its environment.
If using a resin-based sealant, isolation of the tooth and avoiding contamination of the surface during the procedure is extremely important.
I myself did not lose my first tooth until I was nearly eight years old.
Both the tooth and an associated dentigerous cyst: were removed endoscopically.
Dentists can often smooth a chipped tooth or bond a new surface onto a broken tooth.
This chemical dissolves the roots of the baby tooth above each permanent tooth.
A dark (blackish-bluish) front primary tooth may indicate a change in the vitality of its nerve, usually due to a past history of trauma to the tooth.
But if a baby tooth is lost too early, the permanent tooth won't be ready to replace it.
The Real Tooth Fairies created this lively "Brush On a Glowing Smile" song to help motivate every girl to brush her teeth just like her Real Tooth Fairy does.
Dr SmithaTharakan, Dentist Surgeon, KIMS Oman Hospital, shares some vital information on tooth decay and cavities.