take a risk

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take a risk

To try to do something for which there is a high probability of a negative or unfortunate outcome. I'm taking a real risk hiring this guy, so you had better be right about him. You're never going to find real success unless you're willing to take a risk now and then.
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take a ˈrisk


take ˈrisks

do something even though you know that something bad could happen as a result: That’s a risk I’m not prepared to take.You have no right to take risks with other people’s money. OPPOSITE: play (it) safe
See also: risk, take
References in classic literature ?
He took risks only when it seemed necessary, and then he would hesitate at nothing.
One explanation for the discrepancy may be the fact that many of the studies linking narcissism and risk-taking were based on self-reports--essentially, narcissists saying that they took risks in certain situations.
America-Israel Friendship League: "American Jewish chaplains even took risks for survivors that could have gotten them court-martialed.
THE family of a man who plunged 300ft to his death down a mountain said he was an experienced walker who never took risks.
THEY both took risks on TV, but I consider one outcome far more tragic than the other.
But those "white intellectuals" of yesteryear did a lot more than dream--they took risks, often put their lives on the line, confronted the authorities and vigilantes alike .
Suarez as the first-cast Firebird took risks with the choreography, which added a welcome sense of danger.
In both cases, the antagonists took risks to share the land and its resources, quelling imminent violence through a partial relinquishing of power.
He put this down to the notion than "real" men took risks and did not wear condoms or get sick.
They also regularly took risks on films and filmmakers other executives would laugh out of their overdecorated offices - or cower behind their massive desks from in fear.
Many of the Altiris founders and original employees took risks and went without paychecks in the beginning to help turn an innovative technology into a thriving multinational corporation.