take leave

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take leave

1. To depart. In this usage, a personal pronoun is used between "take" and "leave." Unfortunately, it's time for me to take my leave of you lovely people.
2. To take an extended, authorized absence from some thing or place. In this usage, "a" can be used between "take" and "leave." Did you know that George is taking leave? His last day is today. I'll need to take a leave from work when the baby is born.
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take (one's) leave (of someone)

to say good-bye to someone and leave. I took leave of the hostess at an early hour. One by one, the guests took their leave.
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take (your) ˈleave (of somebody)

(formal) say goodbye: With a nod and a smile, she took leave of her colleagues.
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We measured levels of informal support by asking personnel officers four questions concerning the reaction fathers typically received from their managers and co-workers when they took leave, inquiring about white-collar and blue-collar fathers separately.
Even the normally stylish Coleen McLoughlin, pictured, took leave of her senses and thought it was the height of summer in a skimpy "Grecian-style" dress - not stuck on a muddy race course in the north of England in below-zero temperatures.
95) follows one couple's cruise from Connecticut through the Caribbean and back, telling how they took leave of jobs and a 'real' life in Connecticut to sail for the tropics.
Seany O'Kane, 25, hit the headlines when he took leave from his city job and travelled to California for Michael Jackson's child abuse trial in 2005.
He took leave from his work and became a house husband, taking over everything, including the cleaning, shopping and caring for our toddler as well as the new baby.
Halfway through our four-hour tour, the sun started to peek through the clouds, and we took leave of La Perouse to anchor off Makena Bay, home of Maui's large sea turtles.
4% of all employees who took leave in the previous 18 months did so for maternity-disabilities or for care for a newborn, newly adopted, or newly placed foster child.
They were important because my grandmother always kept a bowl of such fruit on her table and gave us kids an orange apiece when we took leave of her.
For many years Kaufman has been Executive Director of the Harry S Truman Institute for the Advancement of Peace in Israel (although he took leave from 1991-96 to head the University of Maryland's Center for Development and Conflict Management).
Father Richard Dinnis, parish priest of St Catherine of Siena in Bristol Street, took leave when police launched an investigation into a complaint by 18-year-old Mark Hall.
Craving greater poverty and solitude, Charles took leave for what was the world's poorest and most isolated Trappist house.