take issue with (someone or something)

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take issue with (someone or something)

To strongly disagree with someone or something or take offense at something. I take issue with the wording in this paragraph. If you take issue with me or my methods, feel free to hire someone else.
See also: issue, take

take issue with someone

to argue with someone. I heard your last statement and I have to take issue with you. Tom took issue with Maggie about the cost of the house.
See also: issue, take

take issue with something

to disagree with or argue about something. I have to take issue with that statement. I want to take issue with the last statement you made.
See also: issue, take

take issue with

Disagree with, as in I take issue with those figures; they don't include last month's sales. This idiom comes from legal terminology, where it was originally put as to join issue, meaning "take the opposite side of a case." [Late 1600s]
See also: issue, take

take issue with

disagree with; challenge.
See also: issue, take

take ˈissue with somebody (about/on/over something)

(formal) disagree and argue with somebody about something: I’d like to take issue with you about what you just said.
See also: issue, somebody, take
References in periodicals archive ?
Senate at our TribLive conversation this morning, Railroad Commissioner Michael Williams took issue with the presumed frontrunner status of his potential GOP primary opponent, Lt.
Americans United took issue with Gobble's claims on its blog "The Wall of Separation.
This year marked the first that the academy let fans choose the top entertainer award - reflecting the American Idol era of entertainment - and Chesney took issue with that move.
The developers as well as state officials overseeing the Atlantic Yards' revitalization hope the changes will ameliorate some of the criticism the project has generated among opponents who took issue with its size and density and the way it would remake the area's skyline and potentially disrupt the character and environment of surrounding neighborhoods.
Meanwhile, the United States negotiators directly consulted with the Coalition for Fair Lumber Imports, the group of American lumber producers that took issue with Canadian softwood imports in the first place.
Berlin -- Cardinal Meisner of Cologne also publicly took issue with the Papal Nuncio in Germany, Archbishop Erwin Josef Ender, for his remarks about liturgical abuses in Germany.
Tom Reilly, general secretary of the Ontario Conference of Catholic Bishops, took issue with Ms.
No one took issue with the songs or the after-party, which featured pop stars like Robbie Williams crooning Porter classics on the beach.
But Deal Hudson, publisher of Crisis magazine, took issue with Ekeh's dual roles, and his weekly e-letter "outed" Ekeh as the website moderator, asking how a USCCB employee could "publicly support a politician who has said repeatedly he will approve only pro-abortion judges for the Supreme Court?
So in an article in late August, it took issue with Chief Executive's findings.
The July/August 2003 issue of the Humanist contained some letters from fairly erudite people who took issue with the anti-supernatural stance of Humanist Manifesto III and with the belief that death is inevitable and permanent.
Sorich also took issue with a proposed remedy that would require insurers to offer "reasonable underwriting exceptions" if extraordinary personal circumstances adversely impact someone's credit history.
King's "snuggly privileged" background is contrasted with the "cold misery" of Malcolm X's, as Malcolm X took issue with the nonviolence preached by King and characterized King's goal as merely wanting to "to sit down and drink some coffee with some crackers in a cracker restaurant.
The novelist first irritated residents of the Dominican Republic, who took issue with his fictional look at dictator Rafael Trujillo.