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tonsil tennis

slang Open-mouthed kissing in which both partners' tongues touch. There's this area behind the school where lots of couples go to play tonsil tennis.
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tonsil hockey

slang Open-mouthed kissing in which both partners' tongues touch. There's this area behind the school where lots of couples go to play tonsil hockey.
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play tonsil hockey

tv. to kiss deeply, using the tongue. Kids sit around in cars, playing tonsil hockey all evening.
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tonsil bath

n. liquor; a drink of liquor. I could use a little tonsil bath about now.
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tonsil hockey

1. n. oral sex performed on the penis; fellatio. (Usually objectionable.) Give him a good round of tonsil hockey, and you’ve got a customer for life.
2. n. French kissing. The two kids spent the rest of the evening playing tonsil hockey.
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tonsil paint

and tonsil varnish
n. liquor; whiskey. The cowboy had to have his daily dose of tonsil paint before he stuffed his face full of beans and hardtack. This tonsil varnish would take the paint off a barn.
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tonsil varnish

See also: tonsil, varnish
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The tonsils protect us against infections of the throat and upper airways, but their location also makes them a potential trap for food particles.
Each patient had a full head and neck examination done and the presence and size of cervical lymphadenopathy, tonsil size, and any visible lesions on the tonsils were recorded.
TAKE `EM OUT The 6,000-strong waiting list for tonsil surgery is set to shrink, with operations resuming.
The procedure specific market for tonsil reduction surgery represents an opportunity of $150M, according to Mark Goble, Gyrus Group Managing Director.
The tonsils and adenoids may be surgically removed under general anaesthetic if chronically diseased.
CHILDREN who have their tonsils out may face an increased risk of premature heart attack, research suggests.
Buna ragmen, EBV LMP- 1'i %37,5 ve EBNA-2'yi %25 oraninda tonsil dokusunda pozitif saptadik.
International Symposium on Tonsils and Mucosal Barriers of Upper Airways (7th: 2010: Asahikawa-shi, Japan) Ed.
While the number of people who develop cancer of the tonsils is small, it has jumped significantly, Mr McCombe said.
people whose tonsils had been removed and 54,449 who had undergone
The "critters" sound like tonsillar stones--common yet annoying clumps of cells that get trapped in deep pockets on tonsil surfaces and cause bad breath or an unpleasant taste in the mouth.
We found that in the tonsil tissues of children with OSA, certain genes and gene networks were over expressed," David Gozal, M.
They have discovered that two-thirds of tonsil cancer tumour samples showed evidence of the HPV-16 gene.
Criteria to identify adult patients at increased risk of tonsil malignancies have been suggested, (7) and clinical criteria in the paediatric population to identify tonsillar lymphoma have been delineated.
Follow-up magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of the patient's head and neck showed lingual tonsil hypertrophy in the vallecula.