tons of

tons of something

lots of something. We got tons of fried chicken, so help yourself. You are in tons of trouble.
See also: of, ton
References in classic literature ?
But you eat about two hundred pounds of vegetables and two hundred pounds of meat a year--which means you consume one hundred tons of water in the vegetables and one thousand tons in the meat--which means that it takes eleven hundred and one tons of water each year to keep a small woman like you going.
Ten tons of sulphuric acid and ten tons of iron filings, were put on board for the future production of the hydrogen gas.
One hundred and forty-nine tons of sand on her tail.
In Packingtown the fertilizer is pure, instead of being a flavoring, and instead of a ton or so spread out on several acres under the open sky, there are hundreds and thousands of tons of it in one building, heaped here and there in haystack piles, covering the floor several inches deep, and filling the air with a choking dust that becomes a blinding sandstorm when the wind stirs.
Two thousand miles away it flowed into Bering Sea, and it was the ice conditions of Bering Sea that would determine when the Yukon could rid itself of the millions of tons of ice that cluttered its breast.
From behind ever more water bore down, and ever more millions of tons of ice added their weight to the congestion.
He had to take on board forty tons of dynamite and a hundred and twenty tons of gunpowder at a place down the river before proceeding to sea.
And all the while the thick-lipped leviathan is rushing through the deep, leaving tons of tumultuous white curds in his wake, and causing the slight boat to rock in the swells like a skiff caught nigh the paddle-wheels of an ocean steamer.
Tons upon tons of dirt must have been removed, and for a long time he wondered where it had been deposited, until in following downward a tunnel of great size and length he sensed before him the thunderous rush of subterranean waters, and presently came to the bank of a great, underground river, tumbling onward, no doubt, the length of a world to the buried sea of Omean.
And then there was that load of ivory nuts-eight tons of them.
Tons of brew have been consumed over theories to account for it.
Ten thousand tons of outfit lay heaped and scattered, and twice ten thousand men struggled with it and clamoured about it.
We see the ladies go out shopping, in the most natural way, and flit from street to street and from store to store, just in the good old fashion, except that they leave the gondola, instead of a private carriage, waiting at the curbstone a couple of hours for them,--waiting while they make the nice young clerks pull down tons and tons of silks and velvets and moire antiques and those things; and then they buy a paper of pins and go paddling away to confer the rest of their disastrous patronage on some other firm.
Down, down it comes, all the thirty tons of it, slowly pressing her old body against the rock below.
The fleets of all the world were there, and day and night millions of tons of battleships ploughed the brine of her coasts, and nothing happened.