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Fig. a severe scolding. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; give someone ~.) I really got a tongue-lashing when I got home. Ted will have a tongue-lashing at home.
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It's just a week ago since Toon Army chairman Freddy Shepherd gave Sir Bobby and the squad a rare tongue-lashing.
Wales defender Danny Gabbidon says Bellamy and Giggs are two contrasting personalities and expects Bellamy to hand out more tongue-lashings.
Imagine seeing Fergie dishing out his famous tongue-lashings to players.
Those who had been on the receiving end her vicious tongue-lashings reckon she had finally got a taste of her own medicine.
Former managers say Murdoch's techniques, described by one as ``calculated terror,'' can include brutal tongue-lashings, unexpected appearances and months of no communication.
The Crystal Palace ace is terrified of Keane after being given one of his infamous tongue-lashings while on international duty with Ireland.
The way it sounds, protracted player-ump or manager-ump tongue-lashings have joined the list of endangered rituals, ranking right up there with the sainted doubleheader.