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go at it hammer and tongs

To do something or perform some task with tremendous fervor, determination, energy, or forcefulness. An allusion to the force with which a blacksmith strikes metal using his or her hammer and tongs. What started as a minor disagreement has escalated into a heated argument, and the two have been going at it hammer and tongs ever since. I need to go at this paper hammer and tongs if I want to keep my A in the class.
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fight someone or something hammer and tongs

 and fight someone or something tooth and nail; go at it hammer and tongs; go at it tooth and nail
Fig. to fight against someone or something energetically and with great determination. They fought against the robber tooth and nail. The dogs were fighting each other hammer and tongs.
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be/go at it hammer and tongs

to do something, especially to argue, with a lot of energy or violence You should have heard last night's argument - they were at it hammer and tongs till four o'clock this morning.
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hammer and tongs

Forcefully, with great vigor. For example, She went at the weeds hammer and tongs, determined to clean out the long neglected flowerbed . Often put as go at it hammer and tongs, this phrase alludes to the blacksmith's tools. [c. 1700]
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In addition, Tong Tong should not be allowed to continue working because he might be too traumatised by the incident.
Tong Tong was foolish to attempt suicide, if he dies or is badly injured, he would leave his family in a worse financial state.
In view of Tong Tong's long service with the company and his financial problems, he was offered a maximum retrenchment compensation of 10 months' salary.
Patent tong data are absolute density data (numbers of oysters per unit area).
Patent tong surveys use a stratified random sampling design with historical reefs (Baylor 1894, Haven et al.
In addition to patent tong sampling the exploited James River oyster stocks are subject to regular examination within surveys effected using a traditional oyster dredge (e.
Armed with bricks and switchblades, Bobby and his friends find themselves engaged in increasingly violent scuffles with the Tongs.
With 72 percent of survey respondents in agreement that grilling well requires the right tools - PAM for Grilling has earned its spot next to the spatula and tongs.
They were the very words on our identical tongs purchased long ago at a house sale.
The reproduced tongs are identical to the old ones, except for the mark "HNOC" that has been added to the new ones.
The old tongs probably would have the same value at an antiques shop.
And as tongs and spatulas fly, the PAM for Grilling team will be on hand to ensure a "clean" competition - with an ample supply of PAM for Grilling No-stick Cooking Spray.
This contest brings together great grillers - women and men alike - in a spirited, but friendly, competition to recognize excellence in grilling, and see who deserves to own the tongs and title of America's Most PAMazing Griller in 2005.
The plan calls for China Tie Tong to install Jinan Yinquan VoIP products where Tie Tong networks are not available.
China Tie Tong will promote our VoIP telephones in areas without Tie Tong's Metropolitan Area Network (MAN)," said Li Kunwu, President and CEO of China VoIP & Digital Telecom Inc.