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Exercise such as running, swimming, aerobics etc are all great ways to burn off excess calories and in turn tone up the whole body.
IT'S A good idea to do exercises that target a number of different areas at the same time so anything that works your chest, arms and shoulders is good to tone up the bust.
The owner of Metabolic Project, a personal training gym in West Los Angeles, Person was tapped by the hard-bodied megastar to tone up an already muscular frame.
99: "This is good for speed and fitness, it helps you develop strength in your legs and helps you tone up.
JOHN Castellain gives his tips on the way to tone up like Big Brother star Adele:UPPER ARMS: Holding two bottles of water and bringing them in together across the chest is a good way to firm those traditionally wobbly areas.
Try these heart press-ups, which will help you tone up your upper arms and give definition to chest muscles.