tone down

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tone something down

to cause something to have less of an impact on the senses of sight or sound; to lessen the impact of something prepared for public performance or consumption. This is rather shocking. You had better tone it down a bit. Tone down this paragraph.
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tone down something

also tone something down
to make something less forceful or offensive The foul language in the original play has been toned down for television. Your presentation has to be convincing, so don't tone it down.
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tone down

Make less vivid, harsh, or violent; moderate. For example, That's a little too much rouge; I'd tone it down a bit, or Do you think I should tone down this letter of complaint? This idiom uses tone in the sense of "adjust the tone or quality of something," as does the antonym, tone up, meaning "brighten or strengthen." For example, These curtains will tone up the whole room, or This exercise is said to tone up the triceps. [Mid-1800s]
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tone down

To make something less vivid, harsh, or violent; moderate something: We toned down our comedy routine so as not to offend our audience. The decorator suggested a beige material to tone the room down.
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But Ramsay admitted he found it impossible to tone down his language while working in the kitchenHe said: 'It's what has been going on in kitchens for centuries; it creates that boisterousness that you need to maintain high standards.
Porn producer Dark, who made films such as Flesh and Between the Cheeks (parts 1, 2 and 3), tried to tone down her provocative image.
Although HarperCollins told Michael Moore that "Stupid White Men" was too harsh on the President, and that he'd have to tone down his criticism -- the writer took a different approach.
A national organization of owners of sport utility vehicles called on Wednesday for gubernatorial candidate Arianna Huffington and other SUV critics to tone down their comments following arson and vandalism of gas guzzlers last week.
Coventry boss Gordon Strachan has promised to tone down his criticism of match referees.
They definitely need to tone down their histrionic promos - CNN touted ``A new enemy: a special coalition led by Saddam's son'' like the villain of a James Bond movie, while MSNBC fatuously hyped former TV wrestler Jesse Ventura as ``one of America's most respected independent voices.
5%, were hampered by production declines from direct mail agents, who were forced by litigation to tone down their sweepstakes offers.
But in order to soar, it needs to tone down Scott's abrasive sass and find a consistent tone that complements the show's internal logic.
With an astonishing instinct for exactly when to turn up or tone down the unbalanced Sy's volume, Williams proves once and for all that over-the-top isn't the only way he knows how to play.
Seein' as how it's Christmas and everything, our first inclination would be to tone down all the cynicism, sarcasm, hedonism, transcendental-meditationism - and all other mean-spirited isms - just for one day.
But just a few days later, WWF officials changed their minds, telling certain reporters the WWF would, after all, tone down Smackdown
But the celebratory pooch is not without some enemies, with the City Council in May choosing to tone down the float's party theme and change the name from ``Party Animal'' to ``Havin' Fun Yet?
Jerry Falwell says he'll tone down his anti-gay rhetoric, but he won't change his view that homosexuality is a sin.
He described it as ``comedic soap opera for men,'' adding that McMahon had agreed to tone down the violence and vulgarity ``somewhat'' for UPN.