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tomato can

An exceptionally poor boxer, one who is often paired with a much better boxer so as to improve the latter's statistics and win percentages. The up-and-coming star boxer suffered a huge upset last night at the hands of a tomato can who everyone expected to lose.
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tomayto, tomahto

A negligible, trivial, or unimportant difference, distinction, or correction. (Refers to the American pronunciation of tomato as "tomayto," compared with the British pronunciation of "tomahto." Specifically, it is an allusion to a verse in the song "Let's Call the Whole Thing Off": "You like potayto, I like potahto; you like tomayto, I like tomahto; potayto, potahto, tomayto, tomahto, let's call the whole thing off!") A: "Well, technically, the Hindenburg was a rigid airship, not a blimp." B: "Eh, tomayto, tomahto, who cares?"

tomato juice

1. Literally, juice from a tomato. My grandfather loves to drink tomato juice, but I can't stomach it. I think this Bloody Mary needs some more tomato juice.
2. slang Blood, especially from a boxer. (This phrase is likely related to the term "tomato can"—an exceptionally poor boxer.) Look at that fool, leaking tomato juice all over the ring already!
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n. an attractive girl or woman. A good-looking tomato brought me my change.
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A vine-ripened tomato gets more tomatoey the longer it hangs on the vine.
50), made with ground turkey, offers welcome spicy heat and a tasty, well-seasoned, tomatoey mixture with beans.
Tastes quite tomatoey and sweet, though cannot distinguish the different chunks of vegetables.
She served us our drinks and snacks from the bar menu and it may have been because it's all still very new but when asked what `Today's Pasta' was, replied: "It's got tomatoes in it in a kind of tomatoey sauce.
Clint Eastwood's Rowdy Red is a tomato rich in color, firmness and bold, tomatoey flavors inviting both feasting and seed-saving," said Ibsen.
The prawns were 'meaty' and moist, and the sauce rich and tomatoey.
A deep-fried large flour tortilla, inside it was packed with thick tomatoey sauce with sweet potato and richly-spiced chorizo topped with yet more sour cream, salsa and guacamole.
This was spicy and dark, not overly tomatoey and runny, but full of pieces of hot green chilli.
The base wasn't too sloppy or crispy, while the toppings were a freshly prepared tomatoey delight.
The tomatoey topping was a bit unusual he said but he thought everything went perfectly well.
Katie's bean and roast pepper potage in Welsh rarebit crust was a really delicious tomatoey concoction though it was a huge portion and, despite my helping by tucking in as well, we did not manage to do it full justice.
95) made with much of the same seafood, each piece fresh and crunchily delicious, plus avocado in a cilantro-flavored, spicy, tomatoey liquid.
Early Girl' has a rich tomatoey flavor and is early, of course - about 54 days - which means ripe tomatoes in short-season climates.