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toll the death knell

To cause or signal the impending end or ruin of something, especially a business, organization, or activity. Refers to the sound of a bell ringing (the knell) from a church to indicate that someone has died. The geometric expansion of the Internet and digital media has tolled the death knell for countless print-based businesses around the world.
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death toll

The number of deaths that have occurred after some major deadly event, such as an accident, act of violence, or natural disaster. The death toll of the conflict between the two countries is well over 2,000 people as of this morning.
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take (quite) a toll (on someone or something)

to cause damage or wear by using something or by hard living. Years of sunbathing took a toll on Mary's skin. Drug abuse takes quite a toll on the lives of people.
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toll for someone

[for a bell] to ring for someone. Who are the bells tolling for? The bells are tolling for Mr. Green, who died last night.
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take its toll

also take a toll
to cause harm or suffering Divorce takes its toll on the children involved.
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sound/toll the death knell

to cause an organization, system, or activity to fail or end
Usage notes: A knell is the sound of a bell being rung slowly to tell people that someone has died.
(often + for ) The new superstore will sound the death knell for hundreds of small independent shops. (sometimes + of ) The closure of the local car factory tolled the death knell of the town.
See ring hollow
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take a/its/their toll

to have a bad effect on someone or something (often + on ) Bringing up nine children had taken its toll on my mother. The disease has taken a horrendous toll in parts of western Africa.
See sound the death knell
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take its toll

Be damaging or harmful, cause loss or destruction, as in The civil war has taken its toll on both sides, or The heavy truck traffic has taken its toll on the highways. This expression transfers the taking of toll, a tribute or tax, to exacting other costs. [Late 1800s]
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The tag will be affixed on the vehicles at the Kiosks at all toll plazas.
BATA, which is directed by the same policy board as the Metropolitan Transportation Commission (MTC), administers toll revenues from the Bay Area's seven state-owned toll bridges.
The Reason Foundation study blamed the Orange County toll road's problems on political conflicts and said it now functions successfully.
Charles Komanoff, an energy economist and director of the Bridge Tolls Advocacy Project, which favors an electronic toll system at four East River bridges in New York, is an ardent advocate of user fees to reduce congestion and emissions, but he's not confident that congestion pricing offers strong environmental promise.
Fortunately, there is a fairly straightforward way to reduce or even eliminate clogged traffic: Make drivers pay tolls during rush hours.
Between the possibility for a substantial payoff and new "intelligent highway" technologies that eliminate most toll booths, the roads are attractive investments to private companies.
Construction managers, project managers, mortgage representatives and more provide insight to the Toll Brothers home building process with mini-seminars and guided tours through homes under construction and fully-decorated models.
It recognizes our technology team's efforts to develop unique and technologically advanced solutions for our Rental Car, Fleet and Toll Authority partners," explained Welch.
Toll revenues would exceed $922 million per year - that's nearly $1 billion each year that could be used to unclog our jam-packed roadways.
This growth is due to the opening of the final segment of the Western Beltway Part C, higher property insurance costs and added police patrols in fiscal 2007, and additional SunPass electronic toll collection related costs in fiscal 2008.
This project is part of moving toll collection out of the 20th Century and into the 21st," stated Rod McMillan, BATA's director of Bridge Oversight and Operations.
director of transportation at the Reason Foundation, which developed High-Occupancy Toll lanes a decade ago.
The 'BBB' rating reflects the strength of the Foothill/Eastern Transportation Corridor Agency's (F/ETCA) service area, the attainment and maintenance of a relatively stable share of traffic by the Foothill/Eastern toll road, its economic ratemaking flexibility and solid liquidity position in the form of a cash funded debt service reserve fund (DSRF) of $297, or 1.
LANCASTER - Southern California's regional planning agency will study the feasibility of adding toll lanes to the Antelope Valley Freeway as part of a 20-year transportation blueprint designed to relieve congestion.
NYSE: GMDB and GMD), a leading Mexican infrastructure construction company, announced today that it has been assigned, subject to completion of the concession agreements, four major new toll road projects.