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tolerable (well)

 and tolable (well)
Rur. pretty well; okay. Tom: How are you feeling? Jane: Tolerable well. Charlie: How's the work coming? Tom: Tolable well. Mary: How's your aunt after her surgery? Jane: She's getting along tolable.
References in classic literature ?
They placed themselves one on each side of her, and all three walked away chatting and laughing as young ladies do when they get together, if they be but on tolerably intimate terms.
The door was fastened, but after due knocking and waiting, and some parleying with a voice from an upper window, we were admitted by an old woman who had been commissioned to air and keep the house till our arrival, into a tolerably snug little apartment, formerly the scullery of the mansion, which Frederick had now fitted up as a kitchen.
I have now been here nearly a fortnight, and, but for one disturbing care, the haunting dread of discovery, I am comfortably settled in my new home: Frederick has supplied me with all requisite furniture and painting materials: Rachel has sold most of my clothes for me, in a distant town, and procured me a wardrobe more suitable to my present position: I have a second-hand piano, and a tolerably well-stocked bookcase in my parlour; and my other room has assumed quite a professional, business-like appearance already.
His face too was accounted handsome by the generality of women, for it was broad and ruddy, with tolerably good teeth.
The difference was finally adjusted, by the man who had come out of the cabin knocking the other into it head first, and taking the helm into his own hands, without evincing the least discomposure himself, or causing any in his friend, who, being of a tolerably strong constitution and perfectly inured to such trifles, went to sleep as he was, with his heels upwards, and in a couple of minutes or so was snoring comfortably.
As the child could not endure the intolerable vapours of the cabin, they covered her, in return for her exertions, with some pieces of sail-cloth and ends of tarpaulin, which sufficed to keep her tolerably dry and to shelter her grandfather besides.
These patients are receiving INNO-206 at a dose shown to deliver doxorubicin safely and tolerably at approximately three and one-half times the standard doxorubicin dose administered to sarcoma patients," stated Dr.
st of everything racing im, he was just too ep his house tolerably that is the reality of s.
Last year that overcapacity was managed tolerably well by taking out ships, scrapping them, slowing ships down or idling them for shorter or longer periods.
It was tolerably warm enough to have breaKfast, in dressing gown only, with no heating on whatsoever.
Additionally, despite its small size, the country does tolerably well, making its own mistakes and The ongoing of "localism" address the local, also solving them.
So while Sir Albert, in 120-seat Birmingham, has at least 67 non-executive Labour colleagues to keep tolerably happy, over in 29-seat Redditch the similarly victorious Labour Leader, Bill Hartnett, could, if he chose, give executive portfolios - plus special responsibility allowances - to two-thirds of his 15 Labour members.
is recognizably of the same breed as Edith Stein; you, per contra, can do a tolerably good imitation of Elmer Gantry, or, on a good day, Tartuffe.
With any luck, these hooks ought to catch the lines and bring the plane to a tolerably smooth stop.