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go down the toilet

To fail; to be ruined or destroyed; to be squandered or wastefully discarded. My father's company is now going down the toilet because of the incompetent new CEO. All of our savings have gone down the toilet ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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toilet mouth

A person who uses obscenities, vulgarities, or profanities in his or her speech, especially at inappropriate times. Used especially in reference to a child or as a childish rebuke to an adult. Hey, you little toilet mouth! If I hear you speaking like that around your grandmother again, you're going to be grounded for a week! Well there's no need to be a toilet mouth about it, Rick. You could have refused like a civilized person.
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go to the toilet

Fig. Euph. to use a toilet for defecation or urination. Jimmy washed his hands after he went to the toilet. Excuse me, I have to go to the toilet.
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use the bathroom

 and use the toilet
Euph. to urinate or defecate. May I be excused to use the bathroom? I have to use the toilet.
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down the toilet

wasted or lost down the drain Appearing on that talk show is usually a sign that your career is already down the toilet.
Usage notes: often used with go: He never showed up to drive us, and our plans for the evening went down the toilet.
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in the toilet

also into the toilet
in a bad condition The economy is rapidly going in the toilet and the country is in a mess.
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down the toilet

  (British, American & Australian informal) also down the pan (British informal)
if something goes down the toilet, it is wasted or spoiled After the drug scandal, his career went down the toilet. If the factory closes, that'll be a million pounds' worth of investment down the pan.
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potty mouth

and toilet mouth
n. someone who uses obscene or profane language in most social settings. (Also a term of address.) That potty mouth is offending people again. Hey, toilet mouth! Watch your language!
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toilet mouth

See also: mouth, toilet

toilet water

n. beer; draft beer. (Alludes to the term for cologne and trips to the toilet after drinking much beer.) This toilet water has me running back and forth to the john.
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Thus, it appears that recovery in terms of dependence on others was poorer than recovery as determined by feeding, grooming, and toileting ability.
Assessment toward the management of encopresis should include a review of the child's medical history, toileting habits, and bowel movements, with particular attention to symptoms of constipation.
The purpose of this study was to compare how parents and child care professionals perceive the toilet training process, and to determine where the two groups seek information about toileting when difficulties arise.
Intermittent topical antibiotic treatment and regular aural toileting in clinic were prescribed.
First, an ANOVA model was formed for predicting nursing cost using the four late loss ADLs: eating, bed mobility, transferring, and toileting.
It eliminates tubes and drainage bags and normalizes toileting.
Provide accessible facilities for bathing and toileting (private or shared).
The elderly disabled must realise that social care is for those who need help dressing/feeding/ toileting and personal hygiene it does not include the rent and food.
I want someone to wash, feed and see to my toileting without making me feel like a nuisance.
Many toileting programs are successful when the program combines the use of proper incontinence products with retraining and strengthening which can increase independence and positive outcomes.
Numerous studies demonstrate activities associated with toileting are a major cause of falls and injuries, ranging from 33 to 45.
They learned that despite the burdensome nature of their role, caregivers experience more positive emotions and fewer negative emotions when they engage in "active care" like feeding, bathing, toileting and otherwise physically caring for the spouse.
There will also be a programme of free seminars on subjects such as toileting issues, sports and moving and handling.
Help can be provided with dressing, getting up and going to bed, bathing, washing hair, shaving, oral hygiene, nail care, toileting, skin care, bed changing, eating and help with eye drops, creams and lotions.
The minimal facilities provided at the new rink ensure that if a carer takes a disabled person using a manual wheelchair the carer would have to stand outside the building until required to assist with toileting during break of play.