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go down the toilet

To fail; to be ruined or destroyed; to be squandered or wastefully discarded. My father's company is now going down the toilet because of the incompetent new CEO. All of our savings have gone down the toilet ever since Jack had his little gambling spree in Las Vegas.
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toilet mouth

A person who uses obscenities, vulgarities, or profanities in his or her speech, especially at inappropriate times. Used especially in reference to a child or as a childish rebuke to an adult. Hey, you little toilet mouth! If I hear you speaking like that around your grandmother again, you're going to be grounded for a week! Well there's no need to be a toilet mouth about it, Rick. You could have refused like a civilized person.
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go to the toilet

Fig. Euph. to use a toilet for defecation or urination. Jimmy washed his hands after he went to the toilet. Excuse me, I have to go to the toilet.
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use the bathroom

 and use the toilet
Euph. to urinate or defecate. May I be excused to use the bathroom? I have to use the toilet.
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down the toilet

wasted or lost down the drain Appearing on that talk show is usually a sign that your career is already down the toilet.
Usage notes: often used with go: He never showed up to drive us, and our plans for the evening went down the toilet.
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in the toilet

also into the toilet
in a bad condition The economy is rapidly going in the toilet and the country is in a mess.
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down the toilet

  (British, American & Australian informal) also down the pan (British informal)
if something goes down the toilet, it is wasted or spoiled After the drug scandal, his career went down the toilet. If the factory closes, that'll be a million pounds' worth of investment down the pan.
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potty mouth

and toilet mouth
n. someone who uses obscene or profane language in most social settings. (Also a term of address.) That potty mouth is offending people again. Hey, toilet mouth! Watch your language!
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toilet mouth

See also: mouth, toilet

toilet water

n. beer; draft beer. (Alludes to the term for cologne and trips to the toilet after drinking much beer.) This toilet water has me running back and forth to the john.
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Always check to make sure that basic needs have been met first and that someone isn't just hungry or thirsty, tired, or has a need to be toileted or changed.
A day of total dependence on others, one that includes having to be Lifted in and out of bed, being washed, toileted and fed, activities of daily Life most of us take for granted.
Make sure your dog has been toileted before fireworks displays are likely to start.
After all, we are trying to address such issues as being fed and toileted, so sexuality won't be first on the list.
Together we've washed, dressed, bathed, fed, toileted and medicated.
Photographing day-to-day cares in rest-homes is fine but to photograph vulnerable residents while they are being showered, toileted and having their most intimate cares attended to, is absolutely disgusting and demeaning.
If urine volume is more than 150 mL, the resident is toileted, using prompted voiding techniques.
We provide services for young puppies by arranging visits whilst you are at work to ensure they are toileted and played with during their waking hours.
However, the nude photos in Kai Tiaki Nursing New Zealand of people being showered and toileted do not show what nurses do, rather they violate the essence of good nursing practice.
They even use a Japanese-designed "wash and dry" toilet that saves residents from the embarrassment of being toileted, and saves facilities from having to provide so much staff for this.
And to go through the embarrassment of being washed, toileted, fed and even turned in bed again would just be too much.