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Subsequently, the school orchestra presented a well co-ordinated and rehearsed piece on togetherness, followed by the carnival which mesmerised spectators through a fusion of the beauty of melody and rhythm, of innocence,
The Address Hotels + Resorts will add to the joy of togetherness with sumptuous cuisine in elegant settings this Eid.
However, one thing you can say about this squad is that it has got something that money cannot buy and that is resilience, teamwork and togetherness.
The Institute for Protection of Bank Savings, the holder of the government's 63% share of Cintra, claimed togetherness would more likely attract deep-pocket buyers.
Because of the sense of togetherness and freedom as well as the opportunity to explore a new part of the country.
A handful of black-and-white and color photographs illustrate this amazing story of family togetherness under the most unusual and trying situations.
I want to talk about this sense of togetherness today, as well as about honor, duty, nationhood, and faith which I was taught from childhood and through the years here, at Fort Leavenworth.
You are not going to find more professional togetherness than at an art conference designed to inspire, invigorate, and introduce you to many passionate and knowledgeable fellow art educators.
Finally, I sensed a theme of unity and togetherness in the words.
I feel long-term success of African-Americans as well as other ethnic groups depends on our ability to build a team as well as a future that reflects togetherness as it relates to information on our community and in sports media relationship.
ITEM: "Although Kwanzaa is culturally an African-American holiday," said Emily Raabe in the Sarasota (Florida) Herald-Tribune for December 24, 2003, "'its messages of unity, family, togetherness, creativity and strength can be incorporated into any family's cultural lexicon.
The gaffer has encouraged us to mix with each other and the togetherness showed at Javier's leaving do.
Yet according to Mormon doctrine, families are awarded with empyreal togetherness only if every member "behaves.
With this program, staff have discovered a unity among themselves and a new togetherness with residents.
Officials from the White House to the Arkansas State House have publicly turned to prayer, saying that a nation in crisis needs healing and togetherness.