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can't do something for toffee

  (British informal)
if you say that someone can't do something for toffee, you mean that they are extremely bad at doing that thing Annie couldn't act for toffee, but she still got a part in the school play.
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  (British & Australian informal)
toffee-nosed people think that they are better than other people, especially people of a lower social class She's much nicer than that toffee-nosed sister of hers.
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A sweet-toothed man found a fang with roots and nicotine stains inside a toffee.
French Toffees described their murdered colleague as their principal admin officer.
The Artisan Chocolate Awards, which includes awards for North America's Best Toffees, are produced by TasteTV and the International Chocolate Salon.
This will be the third meeting this season between Fulham and Everton with the Whites winning 2-1 in the Capital One Cup while the Toffees earned a 4-1 home success in the league.
Our almond and pecan toffees are our tried and true favorites," said Toffee Talk founder Catherine Hughes, who turned her godmother's recipe into an award-winning confection.
It was on one such visit that I picked up a big bag of toffees from a Nolton Street sweet shop.
Freya opened a traditional sweet shop in Wakefield to trial the toffees, with the assumption the sale of the other sweets would support them.
Ann said: "I must have made hundreds and hundreds of toffees over the years.
EVERTONIANS will have a once in a generation chance to get their sticky fingers on a Toffees personalised number plate when the rare item comes up at a charity auction next week.
A new range of toffees covered in authentic Belgian chocolate has been given a classic look, thanks to leading twist wrap manufacturer Cats-Hansel.
Specialist toffee maker Walkers Nonsuch, which makes traditional toffee bars and twist-wrapped toffees, has appointed three new directors, all from the Walker family.
Our favorites were the milk and dark chocolate toffees with almonds and the dark with hazelnuts.
Dainty Dinah was everywhere and the range included the Bond Street assortment, mixed toffees featuring eight different types, fruit assortment, nougat assortment, rich assortment, malted milk, chocolate and mint toffees and Dainty Dinah Brazils.
All drivers who pass through an attended booth on the toll on Tuesday 2 November can get stuck into a complimentary bag of Walkers' toffees.
And if that's not enough to tempt you, they also sell all kinds of individually-wrapped toffees.