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can't (do something) for toffee

slang Is totally unable to do something. Primarily heard in UK. Oh, you'll definitely beat Sarah for that role in the musical—she's can't sing for toffee.
See also: toffee


Describing someone who believes they are superior to others, especially due to their social rank or class. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Feel free to go dine among the toffee-nosed snobs. I'm going to the pub.

can't do something for toffee

If someone can't do something for toffee, they are very bad at doing that thing. Within a step or two it was clear she couldn't dance for toffee.
See also: something, toffee

not be able to do something for toffee

be totally incompetent at doing something. British informal
2000 Times Wordsworth himself couldn't spell for toffee, and his punctuation was extraordinarily bad.
See also: able, not, something, toffee

can’t do something for ˈtoffee

(old-fashioned, British English, informal) if somebody can’t do something for toffee, they are very bad at doing it: He can’t dance for toffee!
See also: something, toffee
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Making cinder toffee is a terrific way to spend an hour in the kitchen, and although it involves the relative dangers of boiling sugar, it's one to definitely share with the kids.
Break the biscuit mix into quite big pieces and drop into the toffee cream, add the sliced banana, stir then place in a glass.
Ingredients 2 Waitrose ginger and plain chocolate cookies, broken into small pieces 2 small bananas, sliced 2tbsp Waitrose Toffee Sauce 100ml essential Waitrose Whipping Cream 1tbsp Stone's Original Green Ginger wine (optional) 2tbsp light brown muscovado sugar Method Divide the crumbled biscuits between 2 x 250ml ramekins.
A YORKSHIRE manufacturer of toffee and fudge inclusions for the bakery and confectionery market is responding to increasing concerns about the food we eat and consumer health.
For generations, treacle toffee has been enjoyed by young and old around Bonfire Night, and it is the perfect excuse to get your teeth into this old favourite recipe.