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Hammer toe is the commonest deformity of the lesser toes.
The originators of the corporate dress code were right, after all: a woman in heels, toes covered, commands a strong, awesome presence worthy of deference and respect, while a woman with toes peeking out her shoes looks flighty and irresponsible.
One of the more common surgical procedures to treat this condition is fusing the joint, in which the ends of the bone are cut and the toe is straightened.
A broken toe is a common injury, usually caused by dropping a heavy object on the foot or hitting the toe on something.
The inventor has developed a working prototype of the Toe Protectors that has been utilized with success over the years.
While an extremely small little toe denotes a childlike nature, with playful sense of fun, the little toe pointing at an angle denotes unconventional nature, she said.
He further said the toes are put into the drinks of patrons about 30 to 40 times per night.
Now I can wear high heels again, but I can't bend my toes at all.
FRANK WARREN said David Haye was a "cry baby" for blaming his loss to Wladimir Klitschko on a broken toe.
After 2 weeks, strapping was removed and mobilization of toes started.
I'm training for a marathon and my second toe keeps getting bruised beneath the nail.
Also, it tends to be associated with "hammer toes," a condition where the toes remain partly flexed.
These muscles are responsible for stabilizing the toes.
Most cats have just 18 toes - five on each front paw and four on each hind paw - but Des has a grand total of 26 digits.
that the position and shape of your toes say a lot about you.