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Smith would seize his stick and toddle off for a solitary walk.
Watching a child toddle off to preschool or kindergarten that first time.
But in a country where failure is prized way above valour or fiduciary duty all John has to do is answer a few awkward questions from TDs and he can toddle off to enjoy the fruits of our labours.
I suggest you pack your bags, sling your hook and toddle off down the A45.
Simon said I wasn't myself and that my confidence had gone, so I started to toddle off stage
There was no keeping Ali out of the limelight, however, and Bhuvneshwar Kumar paid the ultimate price for trying to take a second run after squeezing the ball behind point - a precision slide and throw leaving him to toddle off.
At night the girls of Newcastle in skirts pretty well up to their navels, toddle off to the clubs, in freezing weather.
From hereon in, I promise to retain my feisty, stubborn, determined and crazily cute qualities until the very moment toddle off this mortal coil.
Yet, at a time when there's reason to toddle off to the voting station every other week, our reaction to all this extra democracy is to turn our back on it - while moaning about how rubbish everything is and complaining about the people in charge.
5 times the average weekly wage, and made them pay for their own food, like normal folks do, those and such as those would toddle off to the private sector, where they belong, leaving parliamentary service to the truly dedicated.
He added: "The nightmare is going into training every day, everyone seeing you, asking how you are getting on and how far you are off, then you toddle off into the gym and they toddle off the other way to train.
These wimps, though, will toddle off home to gawp enthralled at Richard Attenborough or some such drooling over wildlife in another continent.
As things stand Twickers holds the purse strings and unless the clubs would rather toddle off and put together a competition on their own, they would do well to remember that.
As an entertainer in the loosest sense of the word, Moyles' breakfast show remit is simple: play some records, talk a bit between said records and toddle off home.
But the mum says she still finds time to care for the hedgehogs and gets great satisfaction when they toddle off into the wild.