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chew (one's) own tobacco

To focus on one's own life, rather than someone else's; to mind one's own business. Why are you worried about what other people are doing? Just chew your own tobacco.
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chew one's own tobacco

Rur. to mind one's own business. Sally: You seem awfully happy all of a sudden. How come? Tom: Chew your own tobacco. I'm just sitting here chewing my own tobacco, not bothering anybody.
See also: chew, own, tobacco
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In due time, the old gentleman capped the climax of his favors, by dying a Christian death, in bed, since which melancholy event Dominicus Pike has removed from Kimballton, and established a large tobacco manufactory in my native village.
At first, Toby with a degree of fastidiousness that seemed to me ill-timed, was for picking out the minute particles of tobacco with which the spongy mass was mixed; but against this proceeding I protested, as by such an operation we must have greatly diminished its quantity.
Then they met Sikandar Khan coming down with a few unsaleable screws - remnants of his string -and Mahbub, who has more of horse-coping in his little fingernail than Sikandar Khan in all his tents, must needs buy two of the worst, and that meant eight hours' laborious diplomacy and untold tobacco.
Hardly had she spoken, than, just as before, there was a red-glowing coal on the top of the tobacco.
The tobacco and trade goods were brought from the store-room by two house-boys and turned over to the chief of Balesuna village, who accepted the additional reward with a non-committal grunt and went away down the path to his canoes.
Daylight staked a claim in his own name adjoining the three he had purchased with his plug tobacco.
For two sticks tobacco I knock 'm seven bells outa you," the skipper bullied.
You smoke more than enough as it is, and the brand of tobacco will make no difference.
He was too occupied with his own vision, and vividly burned before him the sordid barrenness of a poorhouse ward, where an ancient, very like what he himself would become, maundered and gibbered and drooled for a crumb of tobacco for his old clay pipe, and where, of all horrors, no sip of beer ever obtained, much less six quarts of it.
That was why Fanfoa ordered his slave, Mauki, to be carried down and signed on for half a case of tobacco advance, along with knives, axes, calico, and beads, which he would pay for with his toil on the plantations.
He put his pipe and his tobacco pouch into her hands, and so mastered her attention before he spoke.
Entering the room, they discovered through a thick cloud of tobacco smoke, a small, fat, bald-headed, dirty, old man, in an arm-chair, robed in a tattered flannel dressing-gown, with a short pipe in his mouth, a pug-dog on his lap, and a French novel in his hands.
May it please your Majesty," cried the Ingenious Patriot, in terror, "one of them contains tobacco.
The search required to find their pipes told plainly that they had been without tobacco a long time, and the old man's eagerness for the narcotic rendered him helpless, so that I was compelled to light his pipe for him.
He was filling his pipe as she spoke, and he dropped some of the tobacco on the floor.