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Mandates for electric cars have been in effect for years, to little effect, either in terms of sales or clearing the air.
In Africa, he offers a weak fashion show of Serengeti finery and riffs mildly on bathroom accouterments; in Venice, he trots out, to little effect, the Gumby character from his Python days; in Cuba, he pretends, half-heartedly, to drink too much and, more embarrassingly, fashions a series of mock scenes in which he tries to contact Fidel Castro, with a particularly lame pay-off.
Moreover, it is occasionally repetitive to little effect.
These laws have been repeatedly amended to include more diseases, but to little effect, since the Veterans Administration continues to deny all but 3 per cent of claims.
The $50- million-a-year subsidy harks back to the 1970s, when "alternative" energy sources were showered with handouts to little effect.
Laukamo, an electronics and plastics company in Somero, 50 miles northwest of Helsinki, first tried limiting the space where workers could have a smoke and gave out nicotine patches for free, but to little effect.