to go

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*to go

1. [of a purchase of cooked food] to be taken elsewhere to be eaten. (*Typically: buy some food ~; get some food ~; have some food ~; order some food ~.) Let's stop here and buy six hamburgers to go. I didn't thaw anything for dinner. Let's stop off on the way home and get something to go.
2. [of a number or an amount] remaining; yet to be dealt with. I finished with two of them and have four to go.

(something) to go

packed or wrapped to take with you I'd like two cheeseburgers to go. The ads say these bars offer complete, balanced nutrition to go.

to go

mod. packaged to be taken out; packaged to be carried home to eat. Do you want it to go, or will you eat it here?
References in classic literature ?
But it gets sicker and sicker, and I think you or Hannah ought to go.
I 've been dying to go all day, tried to get tickets this morning and could n't, been fuming about it ever since, and now oh, how splendid
Adam then went straight to the house from which the Stonition coach started: Stoniton was the most obvious place for Hetty to go to first, whatever might be her destination, for she would hardly venture on any but the chief coach-roads.
There was the Gladstone and the small hand-bag, and the two hampers, and a large roll of rugs, and some four or five overcoats and macintoshes, and a few umbrellas, and then there was a melon by itself in a bag, because it was too bulky to go in anywhere, and a couple of pounds of grapes in another bag, and a Japanese paper umbrella, and a frying pan, which, being too long to pack, we had wrapped round with brown paper.
Won't you please get it over right off because I'd like to go to the picnic with nothing on my mind.
There were never girls enough to go round at those dances, but everyone wanted a turn with Tony and Lena.
They were just going to start on their journey, when the Doctor said he would have to go back and ask the sailor the way to Africa.
This shook me up considerable, because I didn't want to go back to the widow's any more and be so cramped up and sivilized, as they called it.
In order to do this they resolved to go to the castle
I mean what made you make up your mind so quickly to go on this expedition when you heard Beecher was going?
Their worst quarrel took place one evening at dinner when she told him that a man had asked her to go to a play with him.
I had nowhere else to go, and no other employment to undertake.
But all this time, why I was not to go home, and what had happened at home, and when I should go home, and whether Provis was safe at home, were questions occupying my mind so busily, that one might have supposed there could be no more room in it for any other theme.
To-morrow morning I start for Paris; four days to go, and the same to return, with one day to discharge the commission intrusted to me, is all the time I shall be absent.
Indeed, such are the charms of the place that people often affirm it to be the true and only heaven; stoutly contending that there is no other, that those who seek further are mere dreamers, and that, if the fabled brightness of the Celestial City lay but a bare mile beyond the gates of Vanity, they would not be fools enough to go thither.