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to your face

directly to you I already knew the answer, but I wanted him to say it to my face, even if it embarrassed him.
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to somebody's face

if you say something unpleasant to someone's face, you say it to them directly, without worrying whether they will be upset or angry Everyone refers to him as 'Junior' but no one would dare call him that to his face.
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to (one's) face

In the view or hearing of: insulted me to my face.
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One could even argue that there is a genetic predisposition for face expertise, since that infant studies showed an innate orienting of visual attention to faces (see Jonhson, 1997).
Guitar forces Milkman to face history and to enter into revolutionary awareness.
A Face to Face Live engagement starts with telepresence consulting services, including video/audio recommendations, room design, network consulting and end-to-end user training.
They also boast a budding aptitude for telling strangers' faces apart and give particular notice to faces rated as attractive by adults.
With an event of this magnitude, the advantages of Face to Face marketing, which allows direct interaction between a brand and its audience, are critical to ensure the message does not get lost in the enormity of the event," notes Steven Phillips, MJM Senior Vice President Creative and team leader for the Canon event.
Demand for MJM's unique brand of Face to Face marketing has increased as companies recognize the importance of putting people in front of people to represent a brand," notes Michael Wolkowitz, MJM Co-CEO.
We are extremely grateful to LifeCell Corporation for their generosity and commitment to the FACE TO FACE program," says AAFPRS President Russell W.
Face to Face is the world's first cross-platform document conferencing software for both Macintosh computers and IBM PCs and compatibles running Microsoft Windows.
Earlier electrode studies conducted without fMRI guidance in monkeys indicated that no more than 30 percent of the cells in any brain area preferentially respond to faces.
She plans to conduct brain--scan and brain--wave studies of cataract patients to determine their neural responses to faces.
A third area, the lateral fusiform gyrus, lit up brightest in response to faces, the researchers report in the Aug.
Previous studies with monkeys had shown that some brain cells respond specifically to faces of certain species, and to specific faces or facial expressions.
Welcome to FACES, The Ultimate Composite Picture(TM) -- a breakthrough new product created by InterQuest Inc.