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to somebody's credit

deserving praise and respect Jackson, to his credit, talks about real problems facing real people.
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Perpetrators run the gamut from individuals with easy access to credit card information - such as credit agency officials, airline baggage handlers, and mail carriers, both public and private - to organized groups, usually from similar ethnic backgrounds, involved in large-scale card theft, manipulation, and counterfeiting activities.
Some are economic: At a time when average earnings are stagnant, when sudden income drops bemuse of layoffs or health problems are common, and when public and private insurance systems have frayed, families increasingly turn to credit cards to serve as their financial safety net.
TILA also requires creditors to credit accounts on the date the consumer's payment is received; it limits consumers' liability for unauthorized use of a credit card; and it provides procedures for resolving billing disputes.
Bank officials objected to credit unions' expansion, saying it violated the meaning of ``common bond'' and took their case to the U.
In 2000, Americans charged more than $515 billion on credit cards, according to credit card tracker CardWeb.
Under Tuesday's ruling, many of those people would gain at least temporary access to credit unions.
Under the agreement, CUAC will offer AFG's Driving Sense(TM) vehicle balloon financing product to credit unions and their members.
It is a big concern to credit unions at all levels,'' said Charles Bruen, president of First Entertainment Federal Credit Union in Burbank, which serves multiple companies in the entertainment industry.
Thus, the questions you asked about the financial health of the household sector and its continued access to credit are particularly pertinent in today's economic environment.
Our new partnerships with Oregon Community Credit Union and Utah Community Credit Union further demonstrate our commitment to providing leading online financial services to credit unions of all sizes," said Alex Hart, president and CEO of Corillian Corporation.