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And it will probably still be about 30 degrees out and snowing to beat the band.
In a nutshell: With an emphasis on text and music, and an all-star cast to beat the band, Audi's production, even at nearly four hours, is not to be missed.
And as we pound our hooves toward the pond, waddling to beat the band, she's right.
The society they ruled over was extremely complicated and sophisticated - amazing, considering at the time local chieftains around them were murdering each other to beat the band.
But he was pulling off top drawer saves to beat the band in Gdynia yesterday ahead of this morning's flight to Poznan.
A orchestral showpiece to beat the band, It is arguably the apogee of musical exoticism, with Rimsky's Technicolor orchestration offering just about every member of the vast ensemble an opportunity for display -- though none more than the first violinist (in this case, Martin Chalifour), whose role is so great, he is credited as a soloist in the Philharmonic's program.