send into a tizz

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send/throw somebody into a tizz/tizzy

to make someone very upset, excited, or confused The idea of producing a meal for fifty people threw her into a tizzy. (informal)
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The BBC got itself into a dreadful tizz and eventually decided to ban the contribution of Johnny Rotten and Sid Vicious to the 1977 event.
The drying ground is in his favour, Brendan Powell eases the burden by a further 5lb and Team Tizz, as they refer to themselves at Venn Farm, are in much better form than they were last month, a five-timer on Saturday underlining the case.
POOR ex-Arsenal star IAN WRIGHT was in a right old tizz at the start of last week's BRAND NEW HEAVIES gig at London's Shepherd's Bush Empire.
But to try to make it out as something that's bigger than it is, you can hurt yourself and get yourself into a bit of a tizz, you can add too much pressure to yourself," Pietersen said.
CONTACT: Tizz Weber of Otis Elevator Company, Director, Communications, +1-860-676-6127, Tizz.
Liz is in a tizz about her wedding and Les begins a charm offensive to woo back his wife.
Gay icon Jeremy has done stints with the Royal Shakespeare Company, has filmed in Wales on star-cast Merlin and was the hunk who had Natalie Imbruglia in a tizz in her video for Torn.
WEATHER forecasters have been getting themselves in a right tizz over this coming winter.
THE Lib Dems have got in a tizz after their almost total wipeout at the Euro elections.
uk PS1 COPING WITH 72 AN AUTISTIC CHILD PAGES OF CRICKET STAR GORDON MUCHALL OPENS UP: PAGE 39 HOMES FOR SALE OR RENT plus inside FREE BET WORTH The Journal, Saturday, March 22, 2014 The North's best racing guide by a distance IN ASSOCIATION WITH The Punte 'A LOCAL r Tizz time to hang uphis boots EATERY HIGHLY respected National Hunt jockey Joe Tizzard has announced his retirement from the saddle.
For somebody who claims that fellow adult student Andrea is just a "mate", Steve McDonald gets into a bit of a tizz when his bessie Lloyd asks for her number.
The clergy too are in a tizz, Archbishop's in a spin, They seem upset and angered by all at No.
APPARENTLY, the ash spewed out by the volcanic eruption in Iceland which has been getting the health 'n' safety hawks in such a tizz, might cause global cooling.
HUNKY Jamie Afro got teenaged girls in such a tizz he was MOBBED by 300 of them after his audition.