tire of

tire of someone or something

to grow weary of someone or something. She tired of him and left him. I am beginning to tire of the furniture in the living room.
See also: of, tire

tire of somebody/something

(slightly formal)
to become bored or upset with someone or something I am so tired of him that one day I shall simply ignore him. She was tired of people telling her what to do.
See also: of, tire

tire of

To have one's interest or patience exhausted by something or someone: Soon after the semester started, I tired of the boring morning lectures. My parents never tired of giving me unwanted advice.
See also: of, tire
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JK Tyre Introduces the Biggest OTR Tire of India 53
LEXUS Selects PROXES A20 tire of TOYO TIRE & RUBBER 120
Toyota Chooses Assurance Fuel Max tire of Goodyear 120
Evans, executive vice president, engineering, marketing and sales, for Titan Tire of Ohio.
In the replacement market, these tires could be fitted on a variety of vehicles, typically sedans, which can utilize a tire of the P205/55R16 size.
ATS further reported that the newly designed wheels from Prime Wheel are now available and the company has commenced sales to the following dealers: Allied Tire of Orlando, FL (45 retail outlets); Apex Tire of Pawtucket, RI; National Tire Wholesale locations at Cherry Hill, NJ, and Lexington, KY; National Auto Spa of Anderson, IN (serving 150 auto dealers); Atlanta Auto Accessories of Tucker, GA (serving over 100 auto dealers); Gil's Tire & Auto Sales of San Antonio, TX; and Donald B.