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While his site has the basic price data that tire kickers look for, its online sales presentation makes it clear that 800.
There are a lot of tire kickers around," said the source.
No tire kickers," said Alex Peykar, a principal of Nourison.
The smartphone app helps to prevent scams, fraud, harassment and tire kickers who have no intention of meeting," says Jericho Digos, founder of LegitChex[TM].
All but gone, from ProMat 2003 at least, were the so-called tire kickers who were there primarily to get some exercise and pick up literature.
Tire kickers have downloaded 34,000 copies of DB2 for Linux since IBM put it up on its alphaWorks web site late last year; no word on whether IBM will give the Linux version away for free or charge for it, but odds are it will keep a crippled version on its web site for evaluation and charge the same for the Linux version as it does for other Unix implementations.
For example, one approach may result in good leads whereas another approach may result in subsequently trying to convert a bunch of tire kickers.
These people are tire Kickers -- they'll talk to you all day long," says Stokes.
After calling through 1000's of such Internet leads, John Henning, CEO/Founder, realized that there must be a better way to sift out the tire kickers.
Attendees were clearly decision makers interested in investigating and purchasing ECM technologies and solutions for their organizations - less tire kickers and more purchasers.