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tiptoe around (someone or something)

To avoid confronting or engaging with a troublesome or undesirable person, problem, situation, issue, etc. It would be humorous if it weren't so sad the way Sarah tiptoes around her wife. The boss just keeps tiptoeing around the fact that we need to hire more staff if we want to remain competitive.
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on tiptoe

standing or walking on the front part of the feet (the balls of the feet) with no weight put on the heels. (This is done to gain height or to walk quietly.) I had to stand on tiptoe in order to see over the fence. I came in late and walked on tiptoe so I wouldn't wake anybody up.
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on tiptoe

1. Eagerly anticipating something, as in The children were on tiptoe before the birthday party. [Late 1500s]
2. Moving stealthily, warily, as in They went down the hall on tiptoe. [Mid-1700s] Both usages transfer standing on one's toes to a particular reason for doing so; def. 2 alludes to moving more quietly in this fashion.
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on ˈtiptoe/ˈtiptoes

standing or walking on the front part of your foot, with your heels off the ground, in order to make yourself taller or to move very quietly or lightly: She had to stand on tiptoe to reach the top shelf.We crept around on tiptoes so as not to disturb him.
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on tiptoe

Full of anticipation; eager: The children were on tiptoe before the birthday party.
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References in classic literature ?
Then Timmy Tiptoes came out, and went home with an umbrella.
And now Timmy and Goody Tiptoes keep their nut-store fastened up with a little padlock.
Fraser from Loose Joints has been doing nights at The Berkeley Suite, and he is on at Soba on Mitchell Lane on Friday, with Tiptoes on Saturday night.
He might even spell the famous Tiptoes Lightly as TOESPIT THIGLLY.
First, the Apprentice runner-up and Celebrity Big Brother babe tried hard not to notice a pesky photographer taking a picture - just as she stood on tiptoes to accentuate her figure.
Meanwhile, Pine Cone and Pepper Pot are not opening their door to anyone other than Tiptoes (and even then only reluctantly).
Synopsis: Tiptoes Lightly loves the sea, and when Farmer John and his children, Tom Nutcracker and June Berry, drive to the seaside for Thanksgiving she goes along with them.
She used to pad around quite the thing but now when she stands up you can almost hear her thinking,"oh God no, not the skitey floor"as she tiptoes over it, gathering speed, believing her legs are going to go from underneath her before sliding into our carpeted bedroom.
uk racing nine years ago when we bought Oniz Tiptoes and now we've got four horses and 12 members.
Gwanwyn co-ordinator, Phil Thomas explains: "A Lifetime on Tiptoes is based on an older woman's account of her experiences of growing up in India during the Partition in 1947.
A Lifetime on Tiptoes, which will be officially launched at the Senedd in Cardiff Bay tomorrow, is a play by Mazhar Tirmazi, which is being turned into an ambitious radio and internet project in Punjabi.
How to do it: Stand with your heels flat on the floor, leaning slightly forwards (you may need to hold onto something) then raise yourself up onto tiptoes, hold for a second and then slowly lower back down.
If you're standing, raise up on tiptoes, flex the leg and then return to standing normally.
Soon, the twins began walking on tiptoes, refusing to take medicine and failing to heed social cues from other kids.
Oniz Tiptoes ran second to the very well handicapped Il Penseroso that day.