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And then," said Tip to himself, with a laugh, "she'll squeal louder than the brown pig does when I pull her tail, and shiver with fright worse than I did last year when I had the ague
By the time this feat had been accomplished it began to grow dark, and Tip remembered he must milk the cow and feed the pigs.
During the evening, by the light of the fire in the kitchen, Tip carefully rounded all the edges of the joints and smoothed the rough places in a neat and workmanlike manner.
Next morning, when he looked at his work again, Tip saw he had forgotten to give the dummy a neck, by means of which he might fasten the pumpkinhead to the body.
Now, that," declared Tip, proudly, "is really a very fine man, and it ought to frighten several screeches out of old Mombi
To find clothing seemed no easy task; but Tip boldly ransacked the great chest in which Mombi kept all her keepsakes and treasures, and at the very bottom he discovered some purple trousers, a red shirt and a pink vest which was dotted with white spots.
But whatever Tip went into, he came out of tired, announcing that he had cut it.
Not expecting this time that what you had found would answer very well, I am less surprised and sorry than I might have been, Tip.
It was easier for Tip to bring her to her senses than for her to bring him to understand that the Father of the Marshalsea would be beside himself if he knew the truth.
LAS IGUANAS The restaurant said 3% of servers' sales tips are shared with restaurant staff, put towards investment in training, and towards the wages of bar and kitchen staff.
Greece: Some restaurants don't allow staff to keep their tips - it's best to ask beforehand.
To understand the mechanisms involved with the degradation of the soldering iron tips, we first have to understand the composition of the soldering iron tips.
Restaurants are allowed to give employees a month to report their tips, but by doing so the IRS can estimate staff tips until they've been officially reported.
There are Saudis who give out tips to foreign workers to help them in their life expenses, and also to get rewards from Allah.
Question: Can employers credit tips received by employees toward the obligation to pay minimum wage?