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PIZZA EXPRESS Having announced a change to its tipping policy, Pizza Express will remove an 8% administration fee from October 6.
Tipping Guide for Gratuitous Folks goes a long way toward meeting its goal of helping readers develop a "tipping persona.
PRINCETON, NJ -- Tipping is a customary part of eating in a restaurant, although there is no widespread agreement on how much to tip.
Take antigay discrimination, for example: In the United States, at least, we've passed the tipping point at which it became socially unacceptable to discriminate against gays and lesbians--in most situations.
Tipping is expected in all walks of service industry life and attitudes to it vary from country to country, turning the tradition of tipping into a minefield, with plenty of room for error.
You delft need re be extravagant with tipping, but "you'll want to tip a sufficient amount to make an impact, enough for the staff to remember you and ensure preferential treatment.
English-born, Canadian-raised writer Malcolm Gladwell takes readers on an intellectual adventure in "The Tipping Point.
The newspapers have been filled with details of His Royal Tightness's tipping habits after he left just a pounds 2 tip after a pounds 200 meal.
People with business expense accounts frequently use credit cards and tipping with company credit is even easier than paying with one's own card.
A large food or beverage establishment is defined as any trade or business that provides food or beverages, with respect to which tipping by customers of employees serving food or beverages is customary, and which during the preceding calendar year normally employed more than 10 employees or equivalent (80 employee hours) on a typical business day, exclusive of 50% or more shareholders.
The court pointed out that for the IRS's aggregate method to precisely equal the tips on which the employer's FICA tax is calculated, the cash-tipping rate must be exactly the same as the tipping rate on credit card charges, and total tips received must be distributed among employees so that none fall outside the wages band.
The IRS expanded its voluntary tip compliance programs from the food and beverage, gaming and hairstyling industries to all those in which tipping is customary (announcements 2000-19 and 2000-23; notice 2000-21).