tip the wink

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tip somebody the wink

  (British & Australian old-fashioned)
to secretly give someone a piece of information that will help them So if you hear of any jobs going in your department, just tip me the wink, would you?
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lThere is a 67-1 double in the first two races for Dessie Hughes as Mac's Chariot (Mick O'Toole) beats French Hollow (Tony/Michael Dickinson) in the champion novice hurdle, and Tip The Wink (Pat Taylor) lands the Arkle Chase.
With Lynsey Marshall as Jim's fiancee, Julia Davis as the company manager and Rosie Cavaliero as the star's dresser, even a hazy knowledge of the Scottish Play will tip the wink to what might lie ahead.
The newlywed's video camera captures this demonic intervention yet the couple don't review the footage or screen the video for relatives, which would tip the wink about the conception from hell.
The Machinist keeps its narrative cards close to its chest, refusing to tip the wink until the final frames when the source of Trevor's anguish becomes clear.
YOUNG John Francome puts up 3lb over at 10st 3lb on Pat Taylor's Tip The Wink in the Wills Hurdle, but the 7-4 fav is still too strong for Fred Rimell's Hill Top (K White) with Birds Nest, Maddenstown and Fighting Taffy all failing to make the frame.
Pat Taylor 85 Trainer of Bremontier & Tip The Wink