tip off

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tip someone off (about someone or something)

 and tip someone off (on someone or something)
to give someone a valuable piece of news about someone or something. I tipped the cops off about Max and where he was going to be that night. I tipped off the mayor about the financial crisis.
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tip off somebody

also tip somebody off
to give information to someone Rawson tipped off the Bennetts about this great place to have lunch in Old San Juan.
Usage notes: often said about information given to the police or other authorities: Someone called the police to tip them off that the painting was in a locker at the bus station.
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tip off

Supply with secret or private information; also, warn or alert. For example, The broker often tipped her off about stocks about to go down in price, or Somehow they were tipped off and left the country before the police could catch them. [Colloquial; late 1800s]
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tip off

1. To provide someone or something with a piece of confidential, advance, or inside information: A betrayed gang member tipped off the police. Someone must have tipped the press off about the company's financial troubles.
2. To begin with a jump ball. Used of a basketball game, tournament, or season: The basketball game tips off at 8:00.
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For the past number of years, we had 10 or so Namibian clients of Tip offs anonymous but they had to call or email to South Africa if they had complaints.
The 1997 Claris Tip Off Challenge offers qualified salespeople a slew of sports-oriented prizes and several chances to win a once-in- a-lifetime trip to the 1997 NCAA Men's Basketball Championship Game.
The Claris Tip Off is a fully integrated trade promotion which serves to educate, influence and train retail software managers, merchandising managers, buyers, and in-store sales reps on Claris products.
The Claris Tip Off promotion is designed to build relationships and increase mind-share with channel partners," said Ira Kaye, vice president of sales, the Americas.
The report says that the tip offs were specific incidents rather than general practice at all boards.
In their report Ofqual staff said as a result of the tip offs exam board WJEC postponed an information technology GCSE replacing the paper pupils had been due to sit with a new one in March.
MORE pit bull terriers have been seized following tip offs from members of the public.
The tip offs to police followed the death of Ellie Lawrenson who was mauled to death by her uncle's pit bull.
Crimestoppers launched a national campaign yesterday offering rewards of between pounds 50 and pounds 500, for tip offs that lead to arrests and charges.