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patter of tiny feet

the sound of young children; having children in the household. I really liked having the patter of tiny feet in the house. Darling, I think we're going to be hearing the patter of tiny feet soon.
See also: feet, of, patter, tiny

the patter of tiny feet

something that you say which means that someone is going to have a baby I bet it won't be long till we hear the patter of tiny feet.
See also: feet, of, patter, tiny

patter of tiny feet

n. the sound of young children; having children in the household. Darling, I think we’re going to be hearing the patter of tiny feet soon.
See also: feet, of, patter, tiny
References in classic literature ?
Spirit,' said Scrooge, with an interest he had never felt before, `tell me if Tiny Tim will live.
Tiny Tim drank it last of all, but he didn't care twopence for it.
Then Eva saw how, on large, white leaves, the Fairies learned to imitate the lovely colors, and with tiny brushes to brighten the blush on the anemone's cheek, to deepen the blue of the violet's eye, and add new light to the golden cowslip.
Eva wondered within herself what good the tiny Elves could do in this great place; but she soon learned, for the Fairy band went among the poor and friendless, bringing pleasant dreams to the sick and old, sweet, tender thoughts of love and gentleness to the young, strength to the weak, and patient cheerfulness to the poor and lonely.
It was not her baby--not her flesh and blood--but how close, how dear the tiny, helpless thing had become to her.
Crossing the stream, Daylight followed a faint cattle trail over a low, rocky hill and through a wine-wooded forest of manzanita, and emerged upon another tiny valley, down which filtered another spring-fed, meadow-bordered streamlet.
His old woods' training was aroused, and he was keenly interested in everything in the moss on the trees and branches; in the bunches of mistletoe hanging in the oaks; in the nest of a wood-rat; in the water-cress growing in the sheltered eddies of the little stream; in the butterflies drifting through the rifted sunshine and shadow; in the blue jays that flashed in splashes of gorgeous color across the forest aisles; in the tiny birds, like wrens, that hopped among the bushes and imitated certain minor quail-calls; and in the crimson-crested woodpecker that ceased its knocking and cocked its head on one side to survey him.
And Cocky, only a few ounces in weight, less than half a pound, a tiny framework of fragile bone covered with a handful of feathers and incasing a heart that was as big in pluck as any heart on the Mary Turner, became almost immediately Michael's friend and comrade, as well as ruler.
She slept continuously, a tiny skeleton flung round with skin in which the flame flickered lower and lower and at last went out.
The Lion said, "Well, since so huge a beast is afraid of a tiny gnat, I will no more complain, nor wish myself dead.
Here is how Swift tells us of Gulliver's arrival in Lilliput, the country of the tiny folk.
It can easily be seen that I only thought I heard the tiny voice say the words
Through the windows, across a low couch indubitably made for use, could be seen a restful picture of autumn trees and yellow grasses, threaded by wellworn paths that ran here and there over the tiny estate.
Now, near the Palace where this Princess lived, there was a cottage in which there was a poor little tiny woman, who lived all alone by herself.
This house was let out in tiny tenements and was inhabited by working people of all kinds--tailors, locksmiths, cooks, Germans of sorts, girls picking up a living as best they could, petty clerks, etc.