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look (at something) through rose-tinted glasses

To assume a generally optimistic and cheerful attitude (toward something); to focus on the positive aspects (of something). Primarily heard in US. I know nostalgia can be misleading, but I really look at my childhood through rose-tinted glasses. I think Mary is only capable of looking through rose-tinted glasses, like she's in complete denial of the negative things in life!
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rose-tinted spectacles

An unduly idealistic, optimistic, sentimental, or wistful perspective on or about something. Primarily heard in UK. I know Sarah looks on our childhood with rose-tinted spectacles, but I can't put aside how difficult my parents' failing marriage was for all of us. Despite doing worse every quarter for the last two years, our boss keeps seeing the business through rose-tinted spectacles. You need to take off your rose-tinted spectacles for a moment and realise that there are serious problems in the world that need fixing.
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rose-tinted glasses

  (British, American & Australian) also rose-tinted spectacles (British)
if someone looks at something through rose-tinted glasses, they see only the pleasant parts of it She has always looked at life through rose-tinted glasses.
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n. sunglasses. I have to get some prescription tints.
See also: tint
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