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The only sound I hear," said Wendy, "is like a tinkle of bells.
And Tinkle gave me permission to hang two of them in his window.
They tinkle with their pinchbeck, they jingle with their gold.
Someone coming," he thought, catching the tinkle of bells, and lifting his head.
We were sitting in the room that had been bare when first I saw it; there were basket-chairs and a table in it now, all meant ostensibly for me; and hence Raffles would slip to his bed, with schoolboy relish, at every tinkle of the bell.
When she cleaned the clams, she heard the coin tinkle down the vent pipe.
From the drawing-room came the soft tinkle of a piano.
If he said anything half so horrid, I do assure you I should tinkle my bell for Louis, and have him sent out of the house immediately.
From the bunker came the sounds of knocking and the tinkle of some dollars rolling loose; he stretched out his arm, his mouth yawned black, and the incomprehensible guttural hooting sounds, that did not seem to belong to a human language, penetrated Jukes with a strange emotion as if a brute had tried to be eloquent.
The bell gave a faint tinkle as though it were made of tin and not of copper.
Staigiai keiciantis vandens greiciui, vandentiekio tinkle atsiranda slegio svyravimai, galintys suardyti vamzdziu sieneles.
LAS VEGAS - Nobody said it was over, but as Wayne Tinkle circled the room with hugs and handshakes for all, he wasn't saying, "See you next week.
MORE INFORMATION: Tinkle Consultants Claudia Safont / Sara Fernandez Tel.
Like every other kid, I have grown up on my daily dose of Tinkle and Chacha Chaudhary ," said Tinkle comics Art Director Savio Mascarenhas.
Anyone over a certain age may wonder what it was like to have seen James Brown bring world-class funky musicians to order, Little Richard tinkle umpteen hits on the piano, or Jimi Hendrix freewheel on the guitar.