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A lifelong tinkerer, who holds a master's degree in nuclear engineering, Johnson got his first patent in 1977 by educating himself at the library and then filing all the applications.
The midfield looks less authoritative and Babbel also has the problem of finding a team and sticking with it because he has a reputation as a tinkerer.
One piece of equipment often overlooked by the average home gunsmith and professional tinkerer is a quality trigger-pull gauge.
Behind the initiative is a tinkerer and gadfly named Dewayne Hendricks, who serves on the FCC's Technological Advisory Council.
While at his best Calder achieves grand effects, at heart he always remained something of a tinkerer.
Twenty-two-year-old Eddie Van Halen, you see, had the mind of not only a great musician, but also of an inventor--a constant tinkerer who was always messing with his gear; always trying this and that--sometimes destroying this and that--and always after something different.
An enthusiastic tinkerer, Kraft has extensive hands-on experience with hardware and software and is always ready to take on new engineering challenges.
Though his formal schooling ended at age 10, he was able to enjoy successful careers as a writer and publisher (``Poor Richard's Almanac''), a scientist (the lightning rod) and freelance tinkerer and philanthropist (he conceived improvements in the postal system and opened Philadelphia's first hospital and library).
As Stuart Kauffman, fellow at the Santa Fe Institute and winner of a MacArthur "genius" grant, points out in At Home in the Universe, "Biologists see organisms as tinkered-together contraptions, and evolution as a tinkerer.
It will appeal to the young person and the tinkerer - anyone who's interested in robotics,'' he said.
He was a craftsman and tinkerer who enjoyed working on projects of all sorts.
Duncan differs from the average tinkerer in that he has a 30-employee company to make his ideas into reality.
Whether dad's a full-blown grease monkey, occasional tinkerer or "wanna be" weekend mechanic, we have an automotive gift idea that's sure to please.
He was a craftsman and tinkerer and enjoyed working on projects of all sorts.
I'm a tinkerer by heart and I thought it might work.