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It's actually a tender spot around your elbow, and if you've ever bumped it, you know that it gets tingly and isn't very funny
While eating it plain is wonderful, sprinkling it with tingly Southeast Asian chili salt is a zippy change of pace.
In writing a novel about a day in the life of a middle-aged London accountant, Lanchester affords his audience tingly pleasures of recognition, but the effect is far from complacent.
Apollinaris already enjoys many loyal consumers who often describe its unique taste as "clear as crystal, soft as velvet, tingly as champagne".
THIS very runny soap is extremely refreshing, with a pleasant tingly sensation and minty aroma.
But after about three weeks after the operation, he felt a tingly feeling, which though not perfect was there.
Left a clean tingly feeling on my hands after using and the moisturising effects were magnificent.
Mr Billham said: "I didn't know what was happening, my arm and face started to feel tingly, but I just ignored it, I thought it would go away.
Colette said: "It's a tingly feeling he gets in his hands, like extreme pins and needles.
Docs say they could give women maralgia paresthetica - tingly legs to you and I.
Containing natural witch haze these wipes both cleanse thoroughly, taking off every scrap of make-up as well as toning the skin to leave it tingly fresh and tightened.
Formulated in a base of organic vegetable oils, it has a tingly mint flavor and contains grape seed and pomegranate extracts to keep lips moisturized, protected and nourished.
Purplish-pink rack of lamb ($24), moist and tender, arrives with a tingly harissa glaze, crunchy yellow beans and manchego mashers, the latter a substitute for the listed mint- flavored couscous salad.
Just tingly and otherworldly enough to keep 'em hooked.
When he came round he said he was hot and tingly so we got a paramedic to check him over.