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tinge something with something

to give something a bit of the character, color, state of mind, light, etc., of something. The dust in the air had tinged the sunset with orange. The evening air was tinged with the smell of jasmine.
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It is even supposed that the tinge of the latter is that of reddish sand-stone, like much of that known in our own world, but more decided in tint, while two brilliant white spots, at its poles, are thought to be light reflected from the snows of those regions, rendered more conspicuous, or disappearing, as they first emerge from a twelvemonths' winter, or melt in a summer of equal duration.
There was a tinge of sadness in his deep joy; Dinah knew it, and did not feel aggrieved.
Elizabeth regarded his manner, and thought that she could discern a tinge on his cheek that spoke the shame of conscious poverty.
I know her disposition to be as sweet and faultless as your own, but the influence of her former companions makes her seem--gives to her conversation, to her professed opinions, sometimes a tinge of wrong.
These fancies, and such as these, have always given to my meditations among the mountains and the forests, by the rivers and the ocean, a tinge of what the everyday world would not fail to term fantastic.
You need only forget to ask how the will of heroes produces events, and such histories as Thiers' will be interesting and instructive and may perhaps even possess a tinge of poetry.
Tip noticed that the purple tint of the grass and trees had now faded to a dull lavender, and before long this lavender appeared to take on a greenish tinge that gradually brightened as they drew nearer to the great City where the Scarecrow ruled.
Tarzan was eyeing the man and the woman, a puzzled expression in his eyes, but there was no faintest tinge of recognition.
She pronounced these words with a smile, which was not altogether without a tinge of irony.
Her complexion was of that delicate pink tinge which is sometimes seen in old women with well-preserved constitutions.
A faint tinge of color showed itself on her livid cheeks; a momentary spasm of pain stirred her deathlike face.
The shower mentioned as having fallen, a fortnight ago, only reached about half-way to Guasco; we had, therefore, in the first part of our journey a most faint tinge of green, which soon faded quite away.
I noticed a bluish tinge in her face which alarmed me.
A very pleasant routine, with perhaps a slight tinge of sameness.
By persons who claimed a superiority to popular prejudice, it was reckoned merely an eccentric whim, such as often mingles with the sober actions of men otherwise rational, and tinges them all with its own semblance of insanity.