time to run

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(It's) time to run.

 and (It's) time to move along.; (It's) time to push along.; (It's) time to push off.; (It's) time to split.
Inf. an announcement of one's desire or need to depart. (See also (I) have to shove off and (It's) time to hit the road for an illustration of other possible variations.) Andy: Time to push off. I've got to get home. Henry: See you, dude. John: It's time to split. I've got to go. Sue: Okay. See you tomorrow.
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A good time to run this play is right after running the regular Bunt Defense #2, since you are making it obvious that you are trying to get the out at 2nd by encouraging the back runner to get a larger secondary lead.
Meanwhile, it's tough finding time to run the business, and even harder to figure out how to move forward--with just $30,000 in annual revenues--on leads such as a commitment from national retailer Wal-Mart to sell their sauce in 220 stores and 13 states.
The authors of the report say the time to run the race (approximately 33 minutes before treatment) was shortened by about one minute, an improvement that persisted for at least 13 days.
Actional Corporation, the leading provider of SOA management and run-time governance solutions, and Systinet, the leading software provider of the foundation for SOA governance and lifecycle management, today announced they will host a webinar, "Optimizing the SOA Lifecycle from Design Time to Run Time with Comprehensive Governance," on Wednesday, December 14, 2005 at 8:00 a.
Bradley, who also saw action at linebacker, placekicker and punter, also found time to run outside, relying on misdirection and big holes created by his offensive line to constantly frustrate Rio Mesa, which scored its lone touchdown on a 3-yard run by Lewis, who finished with 86 yards.
The marketing plan includes purchasing upwards of two million dollars worth of media time to run the infomercial.
Farr is hoping to add about 20 volunteers to the 30 or so who donate their time to run the park.
Employers everywhere are struggling to keep up with legislative requirements and still have time to run their businesses.
Unfortunately, we found out that it was just too difficult at that time to run a sports league from one office in Connecticut with seven teams, or satellite offices.
I never had any time to run because I was always volunteering,'' Mendoza said.
Then, you just begin to settle in and it's time to run again,`` she said.