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The talented Crowe wasn't given enough space to shine and it felt like he was sidelined to give more screen time to Cruise.
OA flexible schedule allows time to cruise close to shore in search of whales and wildlife.
The original incident happened at the junction of St George's Way and Gresham Road, in Nuneaton, where 1,000 cars and 2,000 people had gathered to watch an illegal street race, involving modified cars and motorbikes, organised by unofficial group Time To Cruise.
Summer is the perfect time to cruise through Sweden's green, flower-filled pastures and The Gota Canal Steamship Company operates classic trips through the heart of the country in leisurely fashion.
Parkssuchas Swansea's Coedgwilym Park, beaches such as Llandulas in Colwyn Bay and even a Merthyr Tydfil war memorial and the Big Pit car park in Blaenavon, are also featured on the site, which gives tips on the best time to cruise and how much nudity to expect.
The best bet would be to use a large 4x4 instead and catch up with the MR2 in spring when presumably the man with the long beard and red coat will have more time to cruise around in the sunshine.
Worse was to come for GHA before the break when the ball was flushed out from Mike Adamson, giving Wes Henry plenty of time to cruise over.