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shiver me timbers

An exclamation of surprise. The phrase originated with sailors (as "shiver one's timbers" meant to destroy one's ship) and is usually used today in cartoonish portrayals of pirates. Well, shiver me timbers—I didn't think you were getting into town until tomorrow! You got cast as a pirate in the play? I bet you have one line—"Shiver me timbers!"
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take to the tall timber

To leave quickly and covertly. Primarily heard in US. I think Adam took to the tall timber—no one has seen or heard from him in weeks
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head for (the) tall timber

Rur. to run away and hide. When we heard Pa's angry bellow, we headed for the tall timber. The bank robbers headed for tall timber with their loot.
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tall timber(s)

some remote place in the country or the woods. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number. You're not going to move me out into the tall timber somewhere!
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tall timbers

n. some remote well-forested place; the boondocks. Oh, Chuck lives out in the tall timbers somewhere. He only has a post office box number.
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References in classic literature ?
I hewed the main timbers six inches square, most of the studs on two sides only, and the rafters and floor timbers on one side, leaving the rest of the bark on, so that they were just as straight and much stronger than sawed ones.
A band of twenty moose had crossed over from the land of streams and timber, and chief among them was a great bull.
Hunting their living meat, as the Yeehats were hunting it, on the flanks of the migrating moose, the wolf pack had at last crossed over from the land of streams and timber and invaded Buck's valley.
The years were not many when the Yeehats noted a change in the breed of timber wolves; for some were seen with splashes of brown on head and muzzle, and with a rift of white centring down the chest.
He crosses alone from the smiling timber land and comes down into an open space among the trees.
The world's leading independent conservation organisation WWF is calling on all UK companies to commit to buying sustainable timber.
The Timber Block Road Show is a series of seminars designed to aid future homeowners in understanding the Timber Block building system and the many inherent benefits associated with a Timber Block home.
As citizens of Lane County we live, literally, in Timber Central, USA.
The FLEGT action plan provides a number of measures to exclude illegal timber from markets, to improve the supply of legal timber and to increase the demand for responsible wood products.
Timber Update overcomes these challenges by providing free educational services and connecting landowners with the most reputable timber companies the industry has to offer.
Timber frame also delivers high build quality, a faster and more efficient construction process and the opportunity to design beautiful, adaptable and durable homes as a lasting legacy for future generations.
Walker Timber has constantly supplied a whole range of timber products to the local community, to both trade and public, from the base in Birkby.
RISI also announced that Timber TPS coverage is expanding from the US South into Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin.
The first revival of timber occurred with its modularisation after the Second World War with new forms of wood such as plywood and MDF.
It's still a small percentage compared with Scotland, where more than 50% of homes are already built using latest timber technology.