tilt toward

tilt toward someone or something

1. Lit to lean toward someone or something. The table is tilting toward Roger. The old shed tilted toward the west.
2. Fig. to favor choosing someone or something; to lean toward doing something. I am tilting toward Roger for my assistant. I am tilting toward the red car, not the black one.
See also: tilt, toward
References in classic literature ?
They had not proceeded far, however, before they saw a party of horsemen, galloping full tilt toward them.
The summer solstice marks the maximum tilt toward the sun.
Sri Lanka's tilt toward India might not help the country in the long run.
Earth's maximum axial tilt toward the |sun is 23deg 26'.
There is also media pluralism although most of them tilt toward the government; there is also market economy and freedoms and rights characteristic of the democratic world.
I think the United States should tilt toward India," said Kirk, who recently returned from a two-week stint to Afghanistan, serving as a US Naval intelligence officer.
In March, the northern half of Earth begins to tilt toward the Sun.
Al Qaeda organization most probably wants to tilt toward the Republicans at a time (U.
The amount that the moon's north and south poles tilt toward or away from the sun as it orbits (revolves) is very small.
Because the Andes didn't yet exist, the upheaval made South America tilt toward the west, and rivers ran in that direction.
The custom units have an 18[degrees] tilt toward the operator, and the near side of the conveyor is lowered to about 0.
Without this tilt toward authority and away from anarchy, individual liberty will be endangered.
New York University's Arum says these types of laws are an attempt by school and state officials to swing the legal pendulum back to center after a court tilt toward increased student rights that began in the 1960s.
In terms of supply and demand balance, even though nickel producers have some new mining projects underway, the current tilt toward more demand than supply could stay in place in the nickel sector through 2005.