tilt to

tilt to something

to lean or slant toward something or in a particular direction. The picture tilts to the left. Her head was tilted to the left because she was trying to see around the corner.
See also: tilt
References in classic literature ?
Here he broke off to tilt to his mouth the opened bottle Kwaque handed him.
Additionally, the company will offer a USB dongle that can be inserted into your TV's USB port that tells the Tilt to close when the TV is turned on.
We recognize that contemporary adults have many choices in today's competitive market, but we expect the versatility of Tilt to accommodate a wide range of drinking occasions that will help us maintain and grow our share of the alcohol category.
Each ball has a niobium coating, which becomes a superconductor at liquid-helium temperatures and thus permits the balls to be suspended electrically and any tilt to be measured.
With 3G broadband speed connectivity across the globe and tri-band UMTS/HSDPA capabilities that allow the Tilt to operate in Japan and Korea, customers have access to the more than 135 countries in which AT&T offers UMTS, EDGE or GPRS international data roaming.
They also can use the AT&T Tilt to link to corporate wireless local area networks or home Wi-Fi networks.
We designed Tilt to allow homeowners to easily upgrade their existing two-inch blinds without having to spend thousands on new blinds or a new home automation system.