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More than 4,000 acres lie south of the firing line in the cantonment area, including 2,000 acres of tillable farm land, 20 miles of road, a water tower, a 5,000-foot airstrip and hangar, sewer system, utilities and several buildings.
Even if we have to spend a dozen oxen to make this land tillable, this is where we are staying," they replied.
Take, for example, Cindy and Andy Domenigoni, Sacramento farmers who have lost $75,000 of their annual gross income since 1990 because of ESA prohibitions against farming 370 of their 720 tillable acres.
Ser Vaas: I just came back from Ethiopia and was disappointed to see they grow tobacco in Ethiopia on the tillable land where it does rain.
17 irrigated quarters (2,720 acres) of tillable cropland with a history for producing high corn and alfalfa yields.
As an illustration, if the lessee uses 130 of the 200 acres available for the solar farm, the total rent across the 2,183 acres of tillable farmland available on the South Carolina farm will increase by approximately 25% and increase the cap rate to more than 6.
1 High-Resolution Color Tft Lcd Display With Tillable Screen.
Mary Louise Rieger Bullock signs a five-year lease with Stephen Hoskyn to farm 718 tillable acres, 3.
The County is mostly prairie and the land is three-fourths tillable.
Together, we decided that instead of limiting our pasture to only 20 permanent acres, we could develop a crop rotation plan that would allow us to use all 55 tillable acres for pasture.
The increase in global population and urbanization are driving a decrease in available tillable land.
Approximately half of Cuba's tillable agricultural land is in open pasture or lies idle.
However, thousands of small family-sized farms remain, where tobacco best suits the limited tillable land available to them.