until then

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(Good-bye) until then.

 and (Good-bye) till then.; (Good-bye) till later.; (Good-bye) until later.
Good-bye until sometime in the future. Sally: See you tomorrow. Good-bye until then. Sue: Sure thing. See you. Mary: See you later. Bob: Until later. The announcer always ended by saying, "Be with us again next week at this time. Good-bye until then."
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References in classic literature ?
I asked her presently--and was sorry next minute for the pain that shot across her face, but I just wanted to hint at what I designed not to reveal fully till later on, and thus to hint too that it was not as one of the number of her defilers that I had sought her.
I'm not going till later on: luckily for the convenience of your family," he continued, taking base refuge in sarcasm.
Baby was wheeled out of earshot, and did not hear about the crisis till later years.
Not till later in the day did he realize that they were gray.
I don't take my supper till later in the night,' said he, 'and therefore I won't disturb the compactness of the table.
It was not till later that I learned-- by assistance of Miss Rachel, who was the first to make the discovery-- that these puzzling shifts and transformations in Mr.
com)-- Becoming Jewish is a memoir from former journalist, Eva Kowalski - a Polish Catholic woman who was born in the country where a majority of Jews lived for centuries leading up to one of the worst human crimes in history - the Holocaust, yet growing up in Australia, she didn't know what a "Jew" was and had never met a Jewish person till later in life.
This would be ongoing till later in the evening, until the beginning of the concert at 9 pm.
They weren't going to launch till later in the year, says Ajay Quadros, therapist and partner at Reflections.
I didn't hear about it till later and my first thought was 'Joe was at Alton Towers.
Yong points to research by the Assets and Education Initiative (AEDI), that found students with outstanding debt, regardless of how little, are more likely to defer the purchase of revenue generating assets till later in adulthood.
Nabeel al Mushaifri, a participant, would come to the venue each evening after work and then stay on till later in the night.
I wanted to try to make the National Hockey League,'' he said, "and not wait till later.
However, benefits accruing would not have been seen till later.