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go out on the tiles

To go to bars, clubs, parties, etc., and have an enjoyable time, often to the point of excess. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When I was in university, I would go out on the tiles nearly every night. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting together with my friends on a Friday and going out on the tiles!
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a night on the tiles

A night out (often with the suggestion of celebrating and/or partying). Similar to the American phrase "a night on the town." Primarily heard in UK. I am so excited to go out for a night on the tiles after I finish my exams this week.
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out on the tiles

slang Having a night of fun and/or celebration, often by going to bars and parties. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Our team won the big game, so we're definitely going out on the tiles tonight! I'm still recovering from spending Saturday night out on the tiles!
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be/go out on the tiles

  (British & Australian informal)
to enjoy yourself by going to things like parties or dances 'My head is thumping.' 'Oh yes? Were you out on the tiles last night?' (informal)
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Each contains just one small trapezoid that can be flipped to get the other tiling.
If you don't want to re-tile your room, but are still in desperate need of a fresh new look, help is at hand with a range of tiling accessories and paint guaranteed to brighten up the dullest of bathrooms.
If you are tiling in a kitchen or bathroom you must ensure a watertight seal between the tiles and baths and sinks.
We are extremely pleased with the performance of the GeneChip tiling arrays for mapping transcription factor binding sites by ChIP-on-chip," said Myles Brown, M.
Consult a DIY book or website about how to do this, such as the floor tiling guide on www.
Start by making a tiling gauge to help plan how the tiles will fit on the wall.
The illustration showed a curious tiling of black and white triangles with curved sides.
You may find tiling a messy job to start with, but when you get the hang of it, it's actually a truly satisfying task to complete.
Tiling the bathroom can take just a weekend to do and need not break the bank.
But if you can't wait that long, follow our step-by-step guide, and you can have a great night out on the tiles with the money you save doing your own tiling.
In tiling, the growth in 2005 is coming from floor tiles.
They carry one of the largest selections of tile products to meet the demand of any and every tiling project.
WE have already looked at the preparation needed for wall tiling, but before you put tile to adhesive, you need to ensure the tiles will be as straight as possible.
Tiling walls is relatively easy given basic skills.
Tiling above a basin doesn't need much planning as it's easy to get the layout symmetrical over such a small area but if you're tiling wall to wall, some tiles will need to be cut to complete the rows and the layout needs to be properly centred.