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go out on the tiles

To go to bars, clubs, parties, etc., and have an enjoyable time, often to the point of excess. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. When I was in university, I would go out on the tiles nearly every night. There's nothing I enjoy more than getting together with my friends on a Friday and going out on the tiles!
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a night on the tiles

A night out (often with the suggestion of celebrating and/or partying). Similar to the American phrase "a night on the town." Primarily heard in UK. I am so excited to go out for a night on the tiles after I finish my exams this week.
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out on the tiles

slang Having a night of fun and/or celebration, often by going to bars and parties. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Our team won the big game, so we're definitely going out on the tiles tonight! I'm still recovering from spending Saturday night out on the tiles!
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be/go out on the tiles

  (British & Australian informal)
to enjoy yourself by going to things like parties or dances 'My head is thumping.' 'Oh yes? Were you out on the tiles last night?' (informal)
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References in classic literature ?
A big lamp hung down from the center of the ceiling and, together with a fine log fire, illuminated a large and lofty room, with rafters running from wall to wall, a floor of red tiles, and a substantial fireplace built up of those narrow red bricks which were said to be five hundred years old.
He went down on his knees and rapidly examined every one of the paving tiles.
Occasionally a hat or wig, or both, came spinning and trundling past him, like a mad thing; while the more serious spectacle of falling tiles and slates, or of masses of brick and mortar or fragments of stone-coping rattling upon the pavement near at hand, and splitting into fragments, did not increase the pleasure of the journey, or make the way less dreary.
As to the inside, all the walls, instead of wainscot, were lined with hardened and painted tiles, like the little square tiles we call galley-tiles in England, all made of the finest china, and the figures exceeding fine indeed, with extraordinary variety of colours, mixed with gold, many tiles making but one figure, but joined so artificially, the mortar being made of the same earth, that it was very hard to see where the tiles met.
Great ditches had to be dug and thousands of tile laid.
He argued, "that the very laws of nature absolutely required we should have been made, in the beginning of a size more large and robust; not so liable to destruction from every little accident, of a tile falling from a house, or a stone cast from the hand of a boy, or being drowned in a little brook.
resumed Grandfather," did not now stand in tile midst of a gay circle of British officers.
The gabled brick, tile, and freestone houses had almost dried off for the season their integument of lichen, the streams in the meadows were low, and in the sloping High Street, from the West Gateway to the mediaeval cross, and from the mediaeval cross to the bridge, that leisurely dusting and sweeping was in progress which usually ushers in an old-fashioned market-day.
Among our suburban resorts there are some which enjoy a specially high reputation for respectability and fashion; but the most careful individual is not absolutely exempt from the danger of a tile falling suddenly upon his head from his neighbour's roof.
Such a tile was about to descend upon the elegant and decorous public now assembled to hear the music.
The walls of this court appeared to be faced with what resembled glazed, white tile and the whole interior of it was flooded with dazzling light, a fact which immediately explained to the girl the purpose of the glass prisms of which the domes were constructed.
He was not mistaken, for his governor, with his tile in his hand, was introduced immediately afterwards.
The extraordinary aesthetic appeal of tiles has long been recognised on the Continent since the days of the Greeks and Romans.
7Once the grout is dry, clean the tiles with a dry cloth.